Expectations and goals related to health care are developing and changing day by day. It is difficult to tell the responsibility of providing health service with an understanding that values humanity and has the most sacred right to health. Our goal since October 15, 2015 is to be "your hospital".

Private Akşehir PARKHAYAT Hospital has a total bed capacity of 103 beds, 11,500m² closed area and 34 intensive care beds. The hospital has 4 operating rooms, a Dental and Health Center, a beauty center and a conference room for 120 people. Private Akşehir PARKHAYAT, the only private hospital in the region, is providing health services with 28 physicians and a total of 300 personnel in 21 branches.

We want to develop our goal of becoming a reference hospital of the region that we reach to a great extent as a pioneer, well known and appreciated brand in health tourism.